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Upcoming dates -
Mar 25 - Executive meeting
SBA Member Leagues - Birchmount, East Toronto, Wexford-Agincourt and West Hill - offer house league baseball, from T-ball to Midget, and also select programs. Go the links on the SBA website for more information on each league.
Presidentís Message

Gary McCombs, President, Scarborough Baseball Association (SBA)

Hello Folks,
Our SBA President for the past 10 years, Kevin Sheehy, has retired from the SBA Executive. On behalf of the 2013 SBA Executive and participants, Iíd like to thank Kevin for his extensive contribution, hard work and leadership. Iím sure that those of us involved with SBA Bantam and Midget Interlock and various select and rep tournaments will continue to see Kevin umpiring games.

For those that donít know me, Iím from the East Toronto Baseball Association (ETBA) and the SBA. Iíve coached for the past ten years at all house league levels from T-Ball through Midget, have convened one of more levels for ETBA from Mosquito through Midget for the past seven years and with one of my compatriot coaches have run indoor winter ball sessions in March Ė April and outdoor spring ball sessions in May for the past six years, getting players off to early starts.

My involvement with the SBA has included coaching Bantam for two years and Midget for the past three years. I started going to SBA meetings a couple of years ago, became the SBA V-P last year and took on the SBA Presidentís role this year.

My experience through the years is that most youth and adult volunteer sports organizations are operated by a relatively small number of volunteers. Many of these folks do it throughout their childrenís involvement with leagues and often long after they no longer have children playing.

Our organizations are reliant on parents with children playing to get involved to coach, convene, score keep, arrange tournaments, umpire, sit on executives, advocate for our organizations and so on. We do this so that kids can play and have fun at whatever level theyíd like to, be it house league and Select or rep. We also often have to rely on adults without kids in our leagues volunteering to coach.

As I have worked with the ETBA and the SBA, which includes local member youth leagues (Birchmount Baseball League, East Toronto Baseball Association, West Hill Baseball League, Wexford-Agincourt Baseball League), our youth rep organization, the Scarborough Stingers and local member adult leagues (Scarborough Adult Baseball League (19+), Scarborough Vintage Baseball League (30+)), I see volunteers that are dedicated and have a wide range of views, just like our parents, that every year we face numerous challenges that get sorted out and kids and adults have fun, which is what itís all about.

This yearís challenges include the introduction of user fees (paying for diamond time) by the City of Toronto this year for youth sports organizations representing sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse and many more. The City introduced these fees in 2012, but, working together with leagues across the City, the Toronto Sports Council and a number of City Councillors and their staff, we were able to defer the introduction of user fees to 2013 and at a lower rate to start with.

Itís a challenge to administer, it complicates dealing with rainouts and practice times, it adds cost for all players and it increases the competition for a limited number of diamonds. We need parents and volunteers to continue to express their concerns to City Councillors.

In closing, Iím sure that weíll have another successful season.
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The Scarborough Stingers are holding Tryouts for all ages from Rookie Ball to Junior after the Labour Day weekend.
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